EOS M- just as bad, if not worse, than reviewd

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Re: EOS M- just as bad, if not worse, than reviewd

Midwest wrote:

Darren N wrote:

I also went to my local camera store and gave it a try, I was very disappointed with the focus to the point i also thought my G12 was faster; also the touch screen and lack of dials made it feel as if I was using my iPhone.

I think we will see a lot of used ones for sale in a few months, Canon should have done better.

Is the autofocus so painfully slow always? Or is it better in decent light, and not so good indoors in a camera store?

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Do people really spend $700 on a camera so they can take a picture of a squirrel or a duck?

Ive been using the camera for more than 2 months, and the autofocus is better in daylight. Particularly with the 22mm lens, its not as fast as a DSLR, but as you would expect, its faster in good lighting conditions.

As I read somewhere else, there is no mystery with the autofocus - it kind of scans the scene then locks focus. If it does that with a lens with a fast focus motor attached, that happens quickly. If its a slow moving lens like the 22mm, it happens slower. If its harder to lock focus, like in poor light, it needs more time. If its good light, it locks easier. Indoors with the 22mm lens is the worst combination for focus speed, but its still certainly usable.

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