Working with the Canon EOS 1DX alongside with the Nikon D4

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Re: don't advertise for your blog here....

RedFox88 wrote:

Under The Sun wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:

Hilmer wrote:

This is a discussion forum, not a place to advertise to get traffic to your blog. Share your experience here instead of telling people to click on your blog.

Oh relax. The man is sharing some valuable info not selling crap. I think its fair to grant him some hits on his blog for his efforts.

No, that's what these forums are for: to discuss here not be re-directed to other websites.

It is a common and accepted practice in forums for people to share links to blogs, other forums, and websites as long as it contains valuable info about the topic on hand (in this case a comparison of pro cameras). However, you are free to spout your opinion (as much as I'm free to counter your arguments) and if you wish, feel free to report the OP's post to the proper admins but whether or not this post is considered appropriate is NOT your call but the call of the administrators and perhaps the general consensus of the members of this forum.

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