Factory Cleaning of D7000 didn't do the job. What next?

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Re: Not sure...but

nfpotter wrote:

Bob in Baltimore wrote:

Are you suggesting that the glib explanation proffered by the camera store guys is less than a canonical (to borrow a term) description of the problem? I am shocked. Shocked I say.

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Bob in Baltimore

LMAO! Very nice!

Learn to wet-clean yourself. If you're using the proper types of swabs and cleaning fluid, there's pretty much no "klutz factor". It's super easy, takes me under 3 minutes to do mine. And I agree with Mako, I would find it HIGHLY unlikely you have dust between the AA filter and sensor.

Cleaning the sensor is just part of my normal camera routines.  I use the Copper Hill kit that has the ethanol fluid and pecpads.  Its easy, quick and I was born with two left hands so total klutz factor included.  My D70 is the main culprit as it has no sensor vibrating cleaner like my D90, both cleaning processes are the same.  I often have to wipe, examine, wipe a second or even a third time, examine and finally very clean all OK.  I am a bit anal with dust spots so I don't like to leave a couple of spots behind that many others would pass off as normal.  By the time you have tried it a couple of times it is as easy as cleaning your lenses.  Go for it........

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