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Re: Butterflies from last April post 2

Thanks Andrew. As I stated these in an enclosed exhibit so there is plenty of opportunity. These butterflies are imported from Florida where they are cooled down to be put in stasis and then shipped here to Arizona.

The last one is a Queen and is native here. It has a relationship specific to the desert milkweed plant as a place to lay their eggs and the plant then becomes food for the caterpillar stage, much like the gulf fritillary and the passion flower vine plant. After years of watching for a chance, I still have yet to photograph a Queen on a desert milkweed plant. One of these days though....

One of these days I also intend to grow the dutchmans pipe vine again for the pipevine swallowtail. I did it in Tucson and it may be iffy here in Phoenix but I think I have a good spot for them to do well. Those caterpillars are wildly colorful and the unknowledgable would never touch something with those vivid orange and black colors. The appearance of spikes along it's back only adds to the illusion of "don't touch me".

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