It appears Canon has solved the banding issue? 6D!

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Re: 5Dm3 as a Control sample.

Johan01 wrote:

Nikon D600 owns the crap out of both the Canon 5D3 and 6D. DR has not increased.

D600 + 4 Stops + 100 Shadow ISO 100

5D3 same NO NR

5D3 same + NR

I downloaded the raws.

Sorry but don't you see that the light condition are cleary different between the 3 cameras??

Look at the 5D3 shoot and see the shadows near the car before to rise the exposure...the 5d3 is almost 1 stop darker than the 6D and about 2 stop compared with the D600.

No doubt that the exmor shows better lifted shadows everyway, but this comparisation is totally unequally in term of exposure. And for canon's 1 stop of more exposure in the 6D shot do a big advantage compared with the darker 5D3 shot.

Strange that before to lift the shadows, you don't see the cleary visible differences in exposure!

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