Media Setting for German Etching Paper

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Re: Media Setting for German Etching Paper

Thank you everyone. The profiles using Velvet Fine Art came out wonderfully. Also, thanks for pointing out that Hann German Etching paper has some OBA.  That wasn't obvious to me reading the Hanny data sheet.

For the Curtis prints I rely on the Library of Congress, from which you can obtain very large TIFF files in the public domain.  There are some Curtis photos in private collections, but the largest by far is held by the LOC.  In fact, I'm not sure if all of Curtis' work is not in the LOC collection -- it may be.  The LOC is also a good source for Matthew Brady civil war photos and portrait, especially group shots. Unfortunately, nothing is really for free, as you might say.  Most of what you find at the LOC requires a lot of restoration. I have sometimes spent three or four weeks of evenings hunched over a Cintique, patiently picking out fungus, cracks, spots, and retouching some Brady pictures, but the results make it worthwile.

The file for "The Wave" came from Wiki Commons, although the LOC has one in its collection as well.  Wiki turned out to have the best Hi Res file for my purpose, but there are half a dozen others on the internet.  As with this one, all require a fair bit of retouching and restoration. Having been first published in 1830 as part of a book, Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji, the print is no longer copyrighted, if it ever was in the first place.

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