Moving back to windows - totally confused on hardware options

Started Dec 1, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: that will limit your options considerably...

ed3052 wrote:

Laptops are expensive and difficult to take apart and repair - plus the parts could be expensive.

Been there done that.

Go to and look around on what other people are building and for what purpose.

Not counting the monitor a I7 Intel with 16 gig mem, ssd hd for software with dual sata 7600 rpm hard drives for data and backup, video card, CPU cooler, power supply, case, keyboard, mouse and operating system

Would cost about $1200. Comparable system in a Mac 4k

Windows 8 is not the way to go, it’s for phone and touch screen displays - win 7 is what I would use for my operating system.

Thanks for the help Ed. I agree that the mac equivalent can get very expensive. Also, I skipped a few generations of iMacs due to the glossy screen. Time to move past that and spend the $$$ on a good screen.

If the mac mini video card was upgradable I would probably stick with Apple but not the case.

Reading the forums it seems that win 7 users are not happy with win 8. I moved away from windows to mac and do prefer the simple operating system of the macs. That said, I actually found win 8 to be pretty intuative.

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