Any GH3 "Real" Reviews out yet?

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Re: Any GH3 "Real" Reviews out yet?

mrxak wrote:

MrTaikitso wrote:

I like the end user reviews best because I just don't care for all the graphs and charts, and simply want to see the pictures and video samples. Further, end users tend to highlight those issues (pro or con) that only a large number of people can come across. That's another benefit of crowd sourcing - consistency! All said, being they already previewed the GH3, DPreview have had one for a while and will prob be working with the final firmware now.

I'm sort of new here, so maybe somebody can help fill me in. Typically how quickly does DPR get a full review up for a major camera after release?

They usually come out quickly with a pretty detailed "hands on" preview, but they take quite a while for the full reviews.  Understandable, given the depth they generally go into.  I'd be surprised to see their full review in the next month.

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