E 620 vs the E5

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Re: E 620 vs the E5

Just got my E5 a few months ago and am very pleased with my decision. Still have my 620 and I do like it, but let’s put it this way. Have not touched it since I got the E5. Some basic things that I enjoy:

Color rendering is a bit more pleasing.

Auto focus is way faster!

Auto focus is so much better in low light. (The E5 just totally smokes the 620 here)

Low light conditions are so much better with the E5, a ISO of 1600 still looks pretty good with the E5, were the same ISO with the 620 is going to start to fall short.

Only thing I am annoyed about is I did not get it sooner I was playing with the decision for a while what was the push over the cliff for me. I shot a few local bands over the summer with the 620, cranked that ISO up to 3200 went on my merry way. Focusing was a huge issue for the 620 and was getting a bit frustrated at times. Needless to say the ones that did come out were pretty grainy with that ISO maxed, so there was some abuse in Lightroom to make them a bit more presentable. All & all not bad, but not my proudest moment either. I have had the E5 in worse lighting conditions than that night and there were very few times the camera could not get a focal lock. Plus the max ISO on the E5 is 6400. Even when the E5 is at its max ISO IMO it still looks better than the 620 at its max ISO.


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