Moving back to windows - totally confused on hardware options

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Re: that will limit your options considerably...

Jim Cockfield wrote:

AllanW wrote:

I forgot to mention that my monitor will be a wide gamut 10 bit colour display.

If you really want 10 bit per channel color, you'll need an Nvidia Quadro or AMD FirePro video card (or chipset in the case of a laptop).

That's because the drivers for AMD Radeon and Nvidia GeForce chipsets do not support a 10 bit per channel color pipeline.

But, even if you go with a computer that has an Nvidia Quadro or AMD Firepro video chipset that has 10 bit per channel support via a DisplayPort Connection, keep in mind that the Windows Desktop (and *the fast majority of Windows Applications*) will not support 10 bits per channel color.

Now, some applications will. For example, CS6 will support 10 bits per channel if you're using an AMD FirePro or Nvidia Quadro Card with a 10 bit per channel display that's connected via a DisplayPort.

But, the vast majority of other applications will not support 10 bits per channel color, including the Windows Desktop itself (which is limited to 8 bits per channel).

I'd give members more info on your desired budget for better responses.

If you're looking at a desktop, then it's not as hard to find a display card (Nvidia Quadro or AMD Firepro) with a DisplayPort output and drivers for 10 bits/channel), if you're willing to add it yourself later.

But, in a laptop, it's more difficult (for example, in the Dell lineup, you'd need to move into one of the more expensive Precision models to get an AMD FirePro or Nvidia Quadro chipset supporting 10 bits per channel).

Again, just keep in mind that very few apps will work that way (although CS6 will with some of the Quadro and FirePro chipsets).

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Thanks for the feedback Jim. Greatly appreciated.  I should have mentioned my workflow.  I use LR4 and CS6 which are both colour managed..

My printer uses the aRGB colour space so wide gamut will be a good option for me. With respect to the web, I will export images in sRGB for that and most likely use Firefox if windows 8 supports third party browsers.

I was considering a mac mini but the video cards cannot be upgraded for sOme reason. I should also mention that I use the Adobe suite for some video editing, publishing well.

I guess I could use a new iMac and add a second monitor but that seems a comparively expensive work around.

I am now thinking that I should get a tower and then buy a separate cheap laptop just for on site tethering. Might end up with the best of both worlds then.

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