Sigma 19mm - Anyone using DMW-GWC1 and DMW-GFC1 WA converters?

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Re: Sigma 19mm - Anyone using DMW-GWC1 and DMW-GFC1 WA converters?

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I wonder how the sigma 19 with the Panasonic DMW-GWC1 compares to the Sony 16mm in terms of resolution, distortion, and CA?

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alan brown

That's the $100 question. I was hoping for a solution that made a compact kit when I'm carrying the Sigma 19/2.8 instead of the SEL 16/2.8 + UWA.

I walked into the Sony store, armed with a NEX-3, the Sigma 19 and the G-mount fisheye. With a salesman's permission, I took a few comparison shots including their 16-2.8, focused on the far wall.

The pictures with the Sigma, both with and without the converter, were similar in sharpness. The 16 was a very distant third place.

You probably shot the 16mm at f/2.8, and it is well known that that is not it's sweet spot. Stop down and increase ISO and you'll get a much better result.

Now, the Sigma 19 remains sharp at f/2.8, so it is the obvious choice for low light indoor conditions.

But with the rectilinear adapter you only get 16mm out of the Sigma, whereas the 16mm with ECU gets you to 12mm. There is a vast difference.

16mm at f/2.8 => advantage Sigma 19 + adapter

12mm at f/5.6 => advantage E16 + adapter

16mm at f/5.6 => toss up?

Either way, I recommend the Sigma. At 19mm you can shoot wide open and expect sharpness. It is a compact lens.

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I remember using f4 with both of them.

I did not use a EWA with the 16.

And the 19 Sigma with the G lens fisheye was wider than the 16 2.8, at about 110 degrees. That would be equivalent to about 12-14 mm.

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