Nikon 14-24 refresh?

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Re: Nikon 14-24 refresh?

anotherMike wrote:

After reading a lot of responses here, I'll say this: most of you don't seem to realize how bloody hard it was for Nikon to GET the level of performance of that 14-24. They threw EVERYTHING into the image quality bucket with that guy - lens size weight, use of filters, flare, everything else was remarkably under-weighted in the overall set of tradeoff balancing that was done for that guy. Heck, they were challenging their aspheric lens manufacturing guys to even be able to make that front element without it costing 4 arms and 8 legs and they put the Nano coating on it too. Sato (and the junior guy who worked with him on that) will go down in Nikon history for this lenses performance - it caught the competitors flat footed. I almost wonder if it wasn't one of those rare times where the management at Nikon got that crazy twinkle in their eye and told Sato and his crew to "go for it" without much thought for the limitations, kind of like the old days Nikon that did crazy stuff like the 300/2 and so forth.

Sure - the lens, on D800E, isn't perfect - there are better 24mm options, it will flare, etc, but given it's a freaking ZOOM lens that gets really, really close to the performance of the (bloody excellent) Zeiss 21/2.8 prime for essentially the same money, AND might be on par if not slightly better than the 3 grand Zeiss 15 in many aspects, well, we have to get real here too about what REALISTICALLY can be done. Seriously - you're getting 90% or more of over 5 grand worth of Zeiss prime quality in terms of image quality, and at 15mm, probably better stopped down. Ain't that enough?

I seriously doubt there is much to refresh - if you want more performance out of a ultra wide zoom, you'd be looking at a lens that costs as much as a 400/2.8G , and Nikon simply isn't going to do that. And it may not be possible in an ultra wide zoom. You want better performance than the 14-24 - you'll have to go primes. I honestly feel it's about as far as ultra wide angle zoom technology goes right now. I'd much rather Nikon spent the time on producing a world class 20mm AF lens that can compete with the Zeiss 21 distagon than attempting to upgrade the 14-24. Or re-do the 17-35 with no VR bullcrap, add nano coating, and redo that design to improve the optics.


Bravo! Well said and true. In my book, it is an engineering and manufacturing masterpiece. It is the reason I left Canon and bought a D700.

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