Need some CC on a few shots - Thank you

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I need help.

I've been debating about the 7D vs. the 5DMII for work or going 800E or D4. Here is my issues.

I'll now have the oppty to follow a well known TV Show through production in remote locations that are hot, sandy, tropical and wet.

Some here tell me to stick with my 7D. So here is the best I can do with the 7D based on what the Network wants.

I'd like advice. How can I improve these shots? Or should I pick one of the above cameras because the company will be paying for them anyway and I'll get better results.

Here is my current kit: 7D - EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II , 17-55mm f/2.8, 50mm f/1.8, ND Filters and B&W Polarizers for all. All shooting will be at day but will have two 580EXII. Will not be allowed to use flash during show shooting as it will ruin video production. Two external battery packs. Dell M6600 workstation and two external 2TB drives, (4) 600x 32 GB cards. Backup is a Canon G10 and 60D.

Thank you,

Too soft? In RAW looked better

Gradient filter or PS? Again the JPEG loses the pop of the RAW file

Too much color? Is contrast right? JPEG loses the beauty of the RAW

Is this better than the above shot for contrast, color ? Again, JPG loses what the RAW shot shows.

I will be just as blunt as I was when you claimed your 7d was a lemon. You have absolutely no idea what you are doing.

My 7D was a lemon.  I sent it to Canon and they fixed it for free.  I now have a good copy.  I'm learning.

What I can tell YOU is you lack social decorum.  There are ways to speak to people who are learning , Stop trying to pretend you're a human being.

You are stopping down your lens way past the point of diffraction. You are shooting at ISO 200 in f16 ISO 100 lighting. You claim your raw shots have more "pop". None of this makes any sense.

You talk above your head looking for "CC". Here is some "CC" buy a book, take a class, and stop trying to pretend to be a photographer.

Learn composition, learn to use your exposure compensation on the camera, learn to use layers or even the wand tool to individually isolate individual objects within a photo to work on. having good gear,PC,software is really useless unless you are prepared. good gear does not translate into skill, right now, I feel that you may be in over your head & lack the technical skills needed for the job. you have to learn to see the final image before you shoot it. keep a positive attitude and never stop learning regardless of your skill level.

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