initial thoughts on the GH3 (or, holy cow, this camera is good)…

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Re: initial thoughts on the GH3 (or, holy cow, this camera is good)…

Christian Grevstad wrote:

Wow, thanks for those full size images. Very mipressive, I must say.

I have been planning on getting the GH3 + the XE-1 for resolution and high ISO, but now I'm starting to think that maybe I should just put the XE-1 money towards lenses instead. Seems to me like the sharpness and detail in the GH3 images are holding up quite well to the XE-1.. Hmm..

The way I see it is there are more high quality lenses for M43s. Which means that the Fuji system is good but (at present) niche.

The absolute image quality from the Fuji sensor is definitely superior (even approaching some FF sensors) but it is limited by lack of lenses and focus speed. I really like the new 18-55 Fuji zoom (I own an X-Pro1 too) and the 35mm lens is stellar but for all round use I would flip for a GH3 or E-M5. The focus speed issue seems to have been related to some design decisions around the original three lenses that I find questionable.

I can see Fuji becoming the APS-C mirrorless system of choice over time. The EOS-M is a basket case and the Sony NEX is great but always lacking lenses. The crazy decision of Sony to release a UWA that doesn't seem to be compatible with their flagship camera will bite them, I think.

While the 12-35 is merely very, very good, IMHO the 35-100mm and the 75mm are practically reasons to buy into the system by themselves. The 75 puts some Leica glass to shame. I have a similar regard for the 7-14 (if only it didn't have the flare issues).

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