Off to greener pastures .... this place is full of non-photographers

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Re: Off to greener pastures .... this place is full of non-photographers

Amen Buddy. I hear you and totally agree with you. There is a large number of assholes on this forum whom don't even own a camera and yet they are so called "experts" whom want to put down anything that they can't and never will own. As for non pros owning D4's etc, I don't have a problem with that at all, two things will come out of that. First there will be the ones that learn how to use the camera and will get tremendous pleasure from using it. The others will get frustrated and sell it at a loss( bought a D2xs with a shutter count of 75 yes 75) for $1500.00 the D2xs was a year old - the guy bought a D40 loved it. So bring on more of these guys. There is very little advice on this forum anymore just gear heads yapping about technical crap that would never apply to anyone but in their own heads. I too don't care if this post gets flamed. It will go to show that I am right there are a lot of assholes here. No disrespect to the good folks here and there are a lot whom love photography and not get caught up in the BS.

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