Methods of Calculating Relative Background Blur

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Re: Simplifications and their understandable limits.

It is always easier bayoneting the straw man than a real opponent.

I simply say this, the quality of a oof areas is subjective, and not worth measuring, the quantity of oof areas is so easy to assess by eye that exaggerated, and frankly flawed, methods of measuring it is foolish.

It is in fact more productive trying to measure the quality as it is the quantity, as the quantity can easily be seen by eye, by even a non photograher, a child even.

You are basically taking a subjective and immotive preference, conflabulating it into the objective, and, in a massive non sequitor, attempting to measure the irrelevant and very easy to emprically assess part, and have laid out a Rude Goldbergesque method of so doing.

It's sort of like trying to measure how hungry someone is. Yes it is measurable, and quantifiable relatively, but utterly, and equally, pointless. OOF areas, and hunger, are just so easy to empirically assess that equations are not needed.

The app I use helps me to get to grips with the important parts of focus, which is why someone made an app for it. Not, stick the 85 to f1.4 and take a picture of my cat and see how blurry the backgound is.

As always I wish you the very best of luck.

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