Panasoni Lumix G 5 - tips for sharpness please

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Re: Panasoni Lumix G 5 - tips for sharpness please

Pro Jules wrote:

I have the Leica / pany 25mm 1.4

it's bokeh is amazing.

But my (admittedly indoor / low light) test shots are not as tack sharp a I would like, even on the "in focus" parts

is there a check list of settings to enable / disable to get the sharpest shots?

I am on RAW only at the moment.

I worry some non obvious menu option might be at fault. Haven't er... Had time to RTFM. So any Pany ninja advice is welcome.

I bought the lens from a big city pro shop, I hope I wasn't sold a lens that was returned by a pro as a "dud".

What aperture are you using?  The lens sharpens up as you stop down, gets nice around 2 or a little more.  Sharpest at 4. Also, if you're super close to your subject the in-focus depth of field will be small.

That might also explain why the other person is getting "better" results with the 20mm, ie, comparing shots at different apertures + greater depth of field at the same distance.

SLR Gear on the 25, and you can fiddle with their Blur Index widget to see how it sharpens as you modify aperture:

The 20mm by comparison

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