PSP X5 & Nik Silver Efex?

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Re: PSP X5 & Nik Silver Efex?

Michael W00d wrote:

The Corel blurb about PSP X5 Ultimate mentions only Color, not Silver, Efex as part of the sales package. I have to admit I never noticed anything about Silver Efex when loading the program nor can I see it now. I would be very surprised if Silver Efex were accessible.

To clarify, yes, I understand Silver efex is not included with the psp x5 program. But it supposedly suipports plugins for PS and other apps.For example, the Topaz Labs plugins seem to work correctly with psp x5 and I have the B+W filter pack installed now as a demo.

I got the demo trial silver efex to be visible in psp and it does launch when I select it, but the image does not appear and no buttons are visible in hte plugin...though I can mouse over areas of the black screen to see tool tip pop-ups. Others have suggested it may be a video driver issue on my system, as Silver efex seems to need Open CL etc that my laptop video chip does not support.

I will be upgrading my pc in a few months and will try this again.

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