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Simon - How's about DR tests please?

Simon Joinson wrote:

Cacophonic Visions wrote:

Personally I'd like to see a full review of the A99, in spite of having my own view of the camera from owning and using one myself since release.

What I'd really like to see is some reviews for Sony lenses, which is an area this site and many other camera review sites are sorely lacking in. I understand the demand for such reviews might not be as high as for a certain other 2 brands, but it also provides for no real comparison for lenses to the other brands. Reviews for the good glass would be helpful, as that's what most "pros" compare anyway.

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next week



I fully appreciate that with limited resource your priorities are changing in line with buying trends. But could you please, please re-instate your Dynamic Range tests for premium compacts which seem to have slipped of late.

For some of us, the DR is just as important as resolution and your excellent tests are the only reliable alternative to the DXO inflated figures.

Many thanks,


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