Finding the XE-1 EVF awful

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Re: Agree in general...

So now I have another question...

Just when I started to accept the slow aspect of this viewfinder, I went ahead and tried the 18-55 zoom. Can anyone confirm that the viewfinder brightness is even slower with this lens? A LOT slower? What was taking about 3/4 of a second to go from dark areas to bright areas in the scene, is now taking over 3 seconds to do so with this lens!! Strangely, if I half press the shutter release button for just an instant, it will very quickly adjust for the different light levels, but if I just wait for the camera/lens combo to do so, it does indeed take more than 3 seconds going from a very dark area to a very light one (like going from the dark areas inside my car, then pointing it out the window to the brighter sunlit scene).

Again, I this normal?

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