Methods of Calculating Relative Background Blur

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Re: From an Optical Engineer

timedrun wrote:

love maths, love theory, hate people using it inappropriately.

the whole point of advancing a theory is to reduce complexity in thought. the best theories are normally the most elegant. attempting to make an equation to quantify the oof area of a photograph flies in the face of theoretical endeavour and does a disservice to mathematical explaination in general. it comes across as showing off. imo.

love math, love theory, dislike people using it inappropriately, dislike people criticizing its use inappropriately.

I believe if you go back over the thread, you'll find that DM was attempting to put some quantitative meaning to just what it means for an object to be blurred within the Merklinger object-space notions that eschew the more traditional concepts of circles of confusion.

DM, like many of us, has only recently been primed to investigate the Merklinger techniques and has clearly allowed his curiosity to try to make some sense of what is involved in these rather non-intuitive notions.  I, for one, appreciate what he is doing.  And I, for one, am not mistaking his efforts as ones that attempt to quantify the nature or quality of bokeh.

As you are aware, math is not sterile and, when applied in a non-mechanical manner by a mind attempting to understand, it can be an immense aid to that understanding.  Merely going through the rigor of formulating a concept mathematically can provide a depth of understanding that often cannot readily be had in any other way and that can have significant implications for practice.

Rather than showing off, I would suspect that DM is doing this exercise mainly for his own benefit but feels that there are others who might like to share in his efforts.  I, for one, thank him for it.

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