Update Number *Fifteen* from my Afghan Deployment

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Re: Update Number *Fifteen* from my Afghan Deployment

jamesm007 wrote:

I have watched you over the years now, and seen your passion.

I would not be quick to dismiss the K30. The filled Polycarbonate is not a bad thing when you have a full inner chassis of steel. I know there is a lot of metal around you. But you know non-metals are also very tough, as tough as steel for this application. Most people say metal offers superior EMI protection, not true. Polycarbonate can also offer just as good as EMI protection. The reason for Polycarbonate advancing state is for.... Mobil phones one of the biggest markets on the planet. I am not suggesting the K30 for your main camera but for a backup or what-ever camera. But no I am not suggesting it as your main camera. But personally if I where to design a camera for myself its outer shell would be Polycarbonate and go from there. Its really all in the design; 100% on the design. But again, the K30 is not tougher or a camera that may be for you and your needs.

I do did note your frustration with AF/tuning lens. Here is something that I learned over the last six or so years with photograpy as almost as much passion of yours. The constant heat and cold fluctuations over time causes AF to float around a bit. This could by why you often tune your lens. I believe your camera over a year sees a lot of different temp extremes; sometimes on a daily basis. The Pentax owners manual does recommend a checkup every year or two and you like me should take it to heart. Others who are less demanding as far as weather may not have to. You can understand by looking at tiny fine thread screws with glue on them to hold extremely tight tolerance - can be affected by temp differentials all the time. A new dSLR will be perfect for a time, then back to... it truly is one of the greatest benefits of mirror-less. But I would not buy a mirror-less if I can a dSLR.

Thanks for keeping us slightly to older guys fed with great pics. I usually tell people younger than me to live life to its fullest, have fun, get an education... But I don't need to say anything to you as you have your act together better than I ever did at your age ;).

Very well stated James



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