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Re: Something I've not been able to get a handle on is

Schwany wrote:

When a person posts something negative about Canon in the Canon forums and doesn't get 100% agreement, they play the Canon fanboy card. What's that all about?

You brought up excessive price, and lack luster performance right off the top, right? So I figured it was about the price performance. That equates to expensive price in my poor little mind.

Just to be clear. I'm not a we, and I don't belong to any community. I am a rock I am an island. I have an opinion, like you. It does not agree 100% regarding this matter. I don't have a derogatory name for those that feel the same as you do. Well, I probably do, but I'll keep it to myself.

Anyway, your support will show eventually. There are people everywhere convinced they can save the world one message box at a time.

I do understand what you are talking about, and as I said, it is unfortunate.

Dang, I can't believe I'm still wasting my time in front of this computer.

Be well

What...!?, no...I certainly wasn't referring to you, when mentioning "fanboism". Structured, logic replies like yours are certainly always appreciated and I would never put them under that count. Sorry for the confusion.

I was referring to users that jump like one of their closest relatives has been offended every time something not 100% agreeable to Canon is mentioned (...and who always have the need, God knows why, to immediately bring other brands to the discussion as a sad insecurity-triggered validating device...). People who, in their zealot-fever don't even hesitate to accuse others of writing things that were never wrote or call for themselves the faculty of deciding what others "wanted" to say.

That's certainly not you, Schwany...


(PS: I actually try to avoid the "fanboism" classification, unless it is blatantly obvious. I tend to put the "fanboy" in the same bag as the "troll" epithet. Usually, they are usually evoked just to try to suppress diverging opinions)

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