Im buying a new camera and I really need advice.

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Re: Im buying a new camera and I really need advice.


If I'm reading your need correctly, the T3i is working out while shooting in most of the scenarios you find yourself in. You're only problem seems to be noise at higher sensitivities during indoor hockey games.

I have a friend who owns both a 5D Mark II and a 7D, and, coincidentally, I'm looking for my first DSLR as well. Undeniably, both are fine cameras. However, one should point out that the sensor in the 7D is practically the same as the T3i you currently own. If you open up a review here at DPR and look at the noise performance in the studio scenes, you'll notice that Canon cameras with an 18MP APS-C sensor and Digic 4 processor (e.g.: T2i, T3i, 60D, 7D, etc.) all fare pretty much the same. The 5D Mark II does a little better, but we can pretty much assume that's due to the physically larger sensor.

The 7D does have the autofocus advantage, hands down, and I doubt there would be anyone who would challenge that statement. However, while that means you can acquire focus faster, the image quality won't be much different than you're getting already.

The 6D is an interesting proposition. It has the better Digic 5 image processor, a newer sensor, but an older AF system. Since it doesn't seem as if you're bothered much by the AF on the T3i (at least, that's what I'm reading), this shouldn't be a problem as I'm sure the performance is fairly similar. From the sample images I'm seeing, you're getting roughly the same image quality as a 5D Mark II from the 6D.

One thing worth considering is an APS-C camera does help somewhat for a cash-strapped sports photographer. With the 1.6x crop factor, your 70-200mm lens is a 112-320mm lens. On a full-frame camera, well, a 70-200mm lens is a 70-200mm lens. To get that range back, you'll probably have to sell it for maybe a 70-300mm (which will have a smaller aperture, and that obviously won't help in the noise department).

For street photography, I really have no solid recommendations. I use a Panasonic GX1 on the street, and I don't expect the purchase of a DSLR to change my usage. The only reason I'm considering a DSLR is for specific scenarios where the larger sensor and phase detection capabilities will be useful (e.g.: indoor low light photography). I'm sorry that I can't be of more help here, other than by saying, "Use what's comfortable and familiar to you."

If you can, get your hands on these products and try them out yourself. I do see a lot of blowhards out there who've complaining about the Canon 6D despite the fact that it only started shipping yesterday. Bring your lens collection to the store, put them on these cameras, and take a few shots. I'm sure you'll know quite soon afterward which one is for you.

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