Samsung NX 12-24mm F4-5.6 Ultra-wide Zoom Lens arrived !!!

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Re: Samsung NX 12-24mm F4-5.6 Ultra-wide Zoom Lens arrived !!!

hi everyone,

just came back from shooting today and sharing some findings.

This first picture was shot with the NX 18-55mm Lens:

This next one shot with the NX 16mm Pancake Lens:

Finally, this one shot with the NX 12-24mm Wide-angle Lens:

I've noticed some weird colour cast towards colder side for the 16mm pancake. I'm not sure if its just my batch of lens that have this issue. You can notice it in the shots above, the 16mm shot is colder than the other two despite me having set it to 5200k white balance manual.

Will shoot more and have more findings.

Finally, one shot to compare how much wider you get from the 16mm pancake to the 12-24mm ultra-wide angle:

There are more test shots in my flickr account below.

Warm Regards

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