Windows 8 touchscreen with programs?

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Re: Windows 8 touchscreen with programs?

CAcreeks wrote:

AxelR wrote:

On Windows 8, can you use the touchscreen interface (instead of the mouse) to control traditional programs, that is, non-Metro apps?

Yes, just as on Windows 7 with a touch screen. Be prepared for a frustrating experience.

Do you mean "yes" you can use touchscreen gestures with traditional applications, or do you mean "yes" it is the same as Windows 7 and you cannot?

I never used a touchscreen with Windows 7.

Yes and yes (you can!)  Windows 7 supports gestures *but* by default it tries to map them to "classic" input such as mouse clicks and mouse wheel scrolling etc. It does not work that well with most mouse'n'keyboard applications.

Apps can be specially written to understand touch gestures on Windows 7, but there are not many out there. True touch-centric "Metro-style" applications will come from the Microsoft Store for Windows 8 and later only.

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