NEX 7 and magenta casting

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Re: NEX 7 and magenta casting

malch wrote:

Karl Gohl wrote:

Thanks. I hadn't heard about the FlatField plugin. Having to take calibration shots plus the way the current plugin generates another (DNG) copy of your raw file doesn't sound very convenient, but it's good to know that Adobe is putting some effort into solving the problem.

I do most of my processing in Photoshop and have been thinking about a good strategy for correcting potential problems.

I reckon I may be able to create a mask that is close enough to use at all focal lengths/apertures. If that proves out, I'll just add a Color Balance Adjust Layer, apply the mask, and then reduce the magenta by eye.

I can do that in a couple of seconds per image.

Just have to wait for my 10-18 to arrive next week...

Yes, PS has more capability than LR to fix the cast problem.  If you are successful, I hope you'll share your mask (or masks if you find you need multiple ones for various apertures and/or focal lengths).  I won't mind having to go to PS for the few shots that have a bad enough cast AND are important enough to me to need correction.

BTW: in the shots I took of cloudy skies, since the clouds were close to neutral in color, I was able to use a LR adjustment brush with a negative Saturation value to clean up the color cast fairly easily.

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