Xpro 1 OVF inaccuracies..

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Re: Xpro 1 OVF inaccuracies..

shawnfb wrote:

Playing with my new XPro 1 this morning, I am understanding the OVF vs the EVF .. but I am not so sure it works very well

the spot focus in OVF mode is always off center.. I ( and the green rectangle) am focusing at my subject, come to find out, my camera is focusing down and to the right when I preview the pic, ... I am not able to take a picture of what I want.... in OVF mode.. EVF.... works fine.

I tried indoors, and outdoors, with 18-55 ranges.. not once has the OVF been accurate for me:(

what gives?? this makes no sense to me.. why bother with having OVF if it isn't accurate.

sorry for the additional thread in this matter...


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Briefly - I'm not sure that you have understood the OVF and I'm sure it's working perfectly - as far OVF can. If you want accurate - don't use OVF use EVF.

Try using the OVF (but read the manual first), and combine it with zone focusing and a smaller aperture - I'll bet you've been shooting at wide aperture where any inaccuracy will be very noticeable.

I used proper rangefinders many years ago and even I had to retrain myself - mind you - I do wish we could have real rangefinder focus in the X series which would make things easier all round.


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