Nikon vs Canon choice

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Re: Nikon vs Canon choice

Also, don't get lured into the idea that "full frame" is an upgrade.  It's not really an upgrade.  It's a format change.

I've been using APS-C for years, since the Nikon D1 and D100 and I find no reason to "upgrade" to a full-frame camera.  I did, however switch to Canon when the 20d came out because the Nikon ergonomics felt like they were fighting my fingers and hands.  I've since upgraded to the 7D and still find no need to move to a full-frame system.

In fact, I'm still using all the Canon lenses I bought when I got the 20d (like the stellar EF-S 10-22) and I'm really pleased with how my lenses have kept up.

I did buy one non-Canon lens last year... the Sigma 30mm 1.4 (It's a fantastic lens for poor light and shallow depth of field.)

Try and stick with your camera body for a while.  Constant upgrading actually hinders your ability to learn.  If you feel like you're in a photography rut, throw on a lens, switch to spot-metering and try making great photos with the spot meter.  Such a small change will change the "game" significantly if you've never used other metering methods before - and changing the metering mode is just one parameter you can change that affects your camera-in-hand thought process.

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