A99: Does the price point become rediculous for photographers?

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Re: A99: Does the price point become rediculous for photographers?

Now that Nikon has announced a $200.00 price cut as of Dec 15th the question of value between Sony a99 and a Nikon D800 is even larger.

As great as the Sony cameras are, sales continue to be very weak compared to Nikon and Canon and with Sony’s reluctance to market new and updated full-frame lens just adds to the possibility Sony will abandon the A-Mount to same money as it restructures its business units for profitability.

Nikon and Canon are serious camera makers of bodies and lens, but Sony is only about bodies right now.

The old rumor that Sony planned a quick follow-on full-frame to the a99 with a 36MP sensor is now in question with the current rumor of no new full-frame till maybe 2014.

As a serious photographer starting from strach would you invest in Sony full-frame system over Canon or Nikon?

I'm holding on hoping to see new full-frame optics that are equal to the great Sony sensors, but if that fails to happen in 2013 I'm going to look at Nikon or maybe Canon as a replacement for my a850's.

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