Heavy D800 = I Need A New Tripod Ball Head

Started Dec 1, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Heavy D800 = I Need A New Tripod Ball Head

Scott Oberle wrote:

Seems to me you best be readjusting the amount you want to spend! You are/will be dealing with some heavy equipment. Inexpensive and what you need do not go together. Most people will tell you it is better to bite the bullett and get the best you will likely ever need rather that upgrading from time to time. One thing you do need is an L bracket because this will allow you to keep most of the weight centered on the tripod/head rather than hanging it off the side. I recommend the Really Right Stuff site as they have quite a bit of excellent information, whether you decide to purchase that brand or not.

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Scott Oberle

agreed... RRS BH-55 and forgot about it

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