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Re: You are over-reacting..

Rick Knepper wrote:

...mainly to the price it would appear. it's no reason to insult the members of this community. Bear in mind that review sites HAVE to find something to enter into the Con column lest they be accused of being a fanboi.

You simply have to put one of these on your own camera. You will be amazed. I believe your gripes about the price will take on some new perspective after that.

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Rick, you're right: I do not own one (...and probably never will, as I find the range non-useful for my type of photography)

As such, I have to rely on reviewers and samples. Users, being "emotionally involved", are only relevant when considered as a large, significant "pool" sample.

To that extent I am taking due notice on how the lens scores a perfect "10" up until now on Fred Miranda...If it keeps an approximate score as the reviews samples grow from the current 12 to, say, 50 or 60 reviews, than I will incorporate that vector into my overall perception of the lens quality.

Meanwhile, and, again, not owning it, I can only but find extremely significant that one of the sites whose lenses evaluations I respect most, only gave it 3 1/2 stars out of 5 for its "Optical Quallity".


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