Nikon 14-24 refresh?

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Re: Nikon 14-24 refresh?

While I applaud Nikon for requesting customer feedback, something they have been criticised for not doing enough of in the past, who really knows what tech advantages they are working on?

I know there is quite a buzz in the world of GRIN lenses, so perhaps a GRIN front element is a novel solution to the flare issue.

Having said that, internally they might be looking at a better stab at the mirror-less game.

All is speculation, nothing to get hung over.

anotherMike wrote:

No, I think they're using the survey as a data gathering mechanism. I got a survey too - on the 70-200 VR-II - same thing, long as hell, lots of check boxes, took a while to fill in. I tend to look at this particular topic (the 14-24 refresh) within the view of

a) what Nikons current lens needs really are

b) what is possible with wide angle lens design (as in, can it actually be improved THAT much)

c) seeing how Nikons lens production has reportedly been affected by the quake/floods

And when I do that and apply some critical thinking to the situation, I just don't see by any stretch that you getting a 14-24 survey automatically means they are considering a refresh any time soon. It doesn't make sense. But gathering data always makes some sense (at least if they use it right - and some folks (Thom Hogan I believe is one) think the survey isn't really that good in terms of asking the right questions.


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