From engaged enthusiasts to plain gullible.

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Re: From engaged enthusiasts to plain gullible.

...oh, it's OK...I am used to it

It's been insinuated that I am complaining because I can't afford it. Nothing farthest from the true, on several counts.

Firstly, I never found the 24-70 range appealing. I ordered both the 24-70 and the 24-105 to evaluate both, back in the day and kept the 24-105 because, among other reasons, I found the 24-70 range uninteresting for my type of photography. The fact that a new, better one came out does not affect that feeling.

Secondly, it is not the fact that it is expensive that is troublesome to me. It is the fact that it is  expensive and still has limitations. When we put one fact against the other, it's just sad....and it seems that, at least, two review sites agree with me.

...but, it seems that, to some "fanboys" it is just enough that it is better than the 5-year old Nikon offer...go figure...

I am not that self-centered that only the price policies that affect me, directly, should be the ones I take issue with. This is a community we have here and the fact that Canon decides to price a lens at a price point that does not equate to the overall performance but is rather dictated by the lens "novelty" is something that affects the whole community...especially, since it may very well turn into an established trend, regarding new offers.

I have no problems with lenses that are expensive, sometimes so expensive that I could only dream of owning them.

I do have a problem with "my" brand offering expensive lenses that, still, are not the best they could be.


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