Nikon 14-24 refresh?

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Re: Nikon 14-24 refresh?

john barlow wrote:

You seem to be suggesting that NPS like to waste members valuable time by asking them to complete a 20+ page questionnaire.

anotherMike wrote:

I'm fairly certain there won't be a refresh - seriously, Nikon has quite a few lenses that need to be updated and/or introduced that are definite needs versus trying to squek out another smidgeon of performance on the 14-24. More likely, if anything, they might be trying to determine if redoing an updated 17-35 is viable. But we really need updates of the 24 PCE, a 17 PCE, updated high quality wide primes that don't cost an arm and a leg (35/2, 24/2.8, etc), a very high quality 20/2 or so and updates to the 105/2, 135/2 and for some folks, the 80-400. Given that they have limited lens production capacity, they've got a long, long list of projects before they try to redo the 14-24, which I think won't ever be redone honestly.


There could be many reasons for the research, maybe even to see if there is a space for the redesigned 17-35. Of course, it can also be because they are considering to upgrade 14-24, but even in that case, that shows the very early stage of the process. Cosnidering how much time they will need to finish all researches and establish marketing plan, design and production brief based on that, design the new lens, and prepare the production line, it is very unlikely that they will come with a new 14-24 sooner than in 2 years. But those are all speculations anyway...

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