Nikon 14-24 refresh?

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Re: Nikon 14-24 refresh?

Yea, I'm with you. IF things work out fund wise, I'm actually looking at the Zeiss 21/2.8 myself as a replacement, or adjunct for the 14-24 in the 20mm range. I'm not sure whether I'll keep the 14-24 or not, given it's extremely rare for me to shoot at 15mm, where I think the 14-24 is spectacular. (The problem is I really want to take a look at the 135/2 apo sonnar, and getting both in one year may not be possible). I wasn't a Zeiss fan with the lower resolution bodies (and boy, I took a lot of heat in the forums for saying that), but after shooting with the 21 on a higher rez body a few weeks ago, I have a different view now. But if Nikon were to do a 20 that was amazing, I'd have to take a very long look.

BTW, not to nitpick, but the 17-35 was designed in 1999 IIRC; the first wide zoom from Nikon with some concepts of designing for digital bodies actually. Nice lens in it's day, but times have moved on and there are things a bit better now, particularly at the earlier apertures where the 17-35 was never that great.


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