my God we need a moderator

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Re: Bullies make the 'scrap' less fun, though

Well, here's a sad truth...This is my first visit to this forum in many months.

I stopped coming here regularly due to the "Lord of the Flies" mentality as pre-mentioned.

I too was ganged up on here once for trying to point out this forum supposedly brings together people with a common purpose . That is: To discuss the merits and downfalls (though woe-betide anyone who mentions the downfalls!) of our gear. And a place to learn, to instruct - even to be a little opinionated. A place to share 'Nikon' experiences.

My first visit in a while and sadly this is the post at the top of the forum list. And it seems the bullies & wankers, victims of planned obsolescense (only here to check they still have the latest greatest gear) and the narcissists (who keep posting dull photos from their private family album) still abound.

So, YES - I think this forum needs severe moderation (which is quite different from censorship)

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