SX50 - Songbird Portraits (deep crops)

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Re: SX50 - Songbird Portraits (deep crops)

Thanks to all who commented.

I'm gradually making changes in my customized settings as we evaluate results. But not too much is different since my last posted exif examples ...
The images in this post were all shot as Superfine jpegs with Sharpness further reduced to -2, and I've now set Green to -1 in Custom Colors. These differences are likely not too noticeable in the finished images, but they do allow some additional latitude in post-processing (Photoshop).

We shoot in Manual mode primarily to give us control over exposures. The SX50 lens seems plenty sharp at the long end even with the aperture wide open, and DOF and bokeh are usually pleasant enough in the shots we're taking. So setting exposure is a matter of simple manual ISO and shutter speed selection, based on what's seen in the EVF. Otherwise, the exif example below is pretty typical. Auto-focus is generally the only automatic feature I use, and while not always perfect it is noticeably improved over all our earlier SXxx models both in speed and reliability.

This slide illustrates how deeply the Mourning Dove shot was cropped...

Mourning Dove - crop

The original full-size image (cropped as 2000x1500 peepable pixels) can be seen here:!i=2242095215&k=GvPmtKN&lb=1&s=O

Many and most of our finished images are cropped to some degree, even those taken at close range and full-reach... We are very pleased with the high-resolution detail captured by the SX50.

Here is the exif data for the Dove shot:
Camera Model Name    Canon PowerShot SX50 HS
Shooting Date/Time    11/28/2012 8:15:17 AM
Shooting Mode    Manual
My Colors Mode    Custom Color
Tv (Shutter Speed)    1/160
Av (Aperture Value)    6.5
Light Metering    Spot
ISO Speed    100
Lens    4.3 - 215.0 mm
Focal Length    215.0 mm [1200mm]
Digital Zoom    None
Image Size    4000x3000
Image Quality    Superfine
Flash    Off
White Balance    Day Light
AF Mode    Continuous AF
Contrast          -1
Sharpness         -2
Saturation  -1
Color Space    sRGB
File Size    4202 KB
Drive Mode    Continuous shooting
Hope this is helpful, and thanks again for all the encouraging comments.

ps: I do still intend to post some impressions and opinions based on our use of the SX50 and the P510 on our blog , as soon as time allows. Meanwhile, there are lots of hopefully helpful articles and links there for any who are interested in photographing birds and wildlife with superzoom cameras.

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