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Re: The end of the road?

morepix wrote:

ericN2 wrote:

But certainly right now I just don't see what I or indeed many other users are likely to see as so better in any "next" version.. and I'd say it is likely that many may well stick to CS6 for quite awhile.

Interesting point. I don't know if you're right about that, but if you are, it may help one understand why Adobe chose at this point to introduce the subscription plan. For a new Photoshopper, it's an economically good deal if Adobe releases new versions every year and a half, which has been the case in the recent past. But if Adobe introduces new versions never, or much less frequently, it becomes a less attractive deal for the user.

And if you're right about infrequent new releases, how do you suppose Adobe will continue to make money on releases of raw converters for new cameras? Or will they just cease to support raw conversion and let buyers of new cameras use other software to convert raw?

.. Well it's difficult enough trying to understand Adobe at the best of times..  but it may well be the case that the Camera Raw within CS6 can be updated maybe at least a couple of times..I think most have been 'updateable' once on other recent occasions although I remember trying an update over probably two later ones to mine at the time and it would not..but that is a way perhaps to keep such as CS6 going a bit longer.  I'm sure Adobe must realise that there are many other ways with RAW these days ...and they DO I'm sure tend to keep many away from CS.. so if it CAN be kept going a bit could give it a longer life per issue.

I'm still sure that the biggest 'hidden' value of CS is the facility to so easily accept loads of extra Plug-ins etc.. and many if not most of those now really are very good indeed and in most cases do a specific job better than CS will do.  and those of course are mostly by very expertise writers.. most are truly excellent and make using CS so much better.  As far as I can say , there are no great amount of similar things that are contained within the other typical best RAW editoirs.. not like CS at least.

Of course the fact is that I bet most 'regular enthusiasts' of any one editor is more likely because it is the one THEY each feel most happy with and feel it does what THEY want best

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