New XS1 Back on the UPS truck

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Re: New XS1 Back on the UPS truck

Billx08 wrote:

Dale Buhanan wrote:

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I don't think you followed what I was saying here. I was saying that B&H was accomodating, and if they could not do that, one would then have to wait until the pipeline were completely cleared, or there would always be a chance of not getting a good one. The Op was a case in point. Not being naive here at all. A dose or reality. I was just reacting to it and showing disappointment.

No, I understood exactlywhat you were saying. Unfortunately, you were expecting the impossible from the B&H person that you spoke with. Had you known who to try to reach instead, you might have been able to get what you wanted, or at least find out what serial numbers B&H has in stock. It's not always easy, but it's possible, as I've discovered a few times. The first person or two you speak with are rarely in a position to be able to help when you have an atypical request. In those cases, you need to be able to think outside the UPS box.

OK.  Thank you for your inputs Bilx08.  But I have not called and talked with anyone.  I was just thinking about it, and empathizing with the OP who did call.

I was disappointed in that with all the modern technology available a store is unable to do a pull search on not only the name and the model number, but also the serial number.  I mean after all, they do put the serial numbers on the sales receipt in case someone buys one and returns another they can catch it.  So they do have them associated with the sale.  I think it is more that they don't want to rather than that they can't.  And as you say, the right guy can.

But, I am still old fashioned enough to think that if a store has defective stock and good stock, a customer should be able to tell a clerk he would like to buy one of the good stock, rather than have to return a bad one.  To not be able to do that is not progress, it is laziness... or worse.

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