Crop factor: practical significance?

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tedandtricia wrote:

Barrie Davis wrote:

Perhaps those tutorials will make a little more sense, now that you know your camera uses a small sensor... (one which has inherently DEEP depth of field, even at maximum aperture and maximum f-length, where DoF is at its most shallow.) larger sensor cameras will inherently, by the underlying optic physics of it all, obtain shallower DOF, even at the same 35 mm equivalent focal length and at equivalent apertures? So to get shallower DOF and more bokeh in my shots, bigger sensor is the inexorable direction I would have to go. I did not know that.

Yes, that's right, except for the remark about bokeh. Bokeh isn't something you can have MORE of.

"Bokeh" is a term that describes the QUALITY of the out-of-focus areas in an image. It doesn't refer to how much out of focus they are. Instead, more or less BLURRED refers to the amount of out-of-focus-ness you've got.

When it comes to bokeh you can have nice "smooth bokeh" to the blurred parts of your image, where the fuzzy bits are nice and creamy without any real texture...

... or you can have an unpleasant "harsh bokeh" to the blurred parts of your image, where there are residual details making the fuzzy zones appear wiry and somewhat confused.... (like the contents of a blender that have not been zazzed long enough!)

What causes different bokehs in lenses is their design, most notably how many elements they have, and whether they are of symmetrical construction (similar elements in front of the diaphragm as behind it) and also to some extent how many blades there are in that diaphragm... (more is better, making a rounder aperture.)

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