Lumix FZ200 or Fuji HS30EXR

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Re: Lumix FZ200 or Fuji HS30EXR

All anyone has to do is look at as many pics as they can from both camera's and it's very apparent that the Fuji's have a lot more noise in just about all the pics i have seen.

Now we will wait for joms to search the world wide web and come up with a few good ones for the Fuji and (few) is the key word here.

How bout this, anyone who is considering these cameras please read the professional reviews from both camera's at different review sites. Seems to me the Pani completely blows away the fuji but what do pro's know anyway.

The HS 30 not only comes up way short of the Pani but it isn't even in the top four and hasn't been in a long time , now that says something.

I can't wait to hear what Mr anti anything Panisonic has to say about that. Probably something like it doesn't matter lol.

Maybe we should count all the anti Panisonic posts to the positive Panisonic posts by Joms and see if it's fair.I think we all know the answer to that.

We get it Joms your a die hard Fuji fan, it's time to stop criticizing every other camera manufacturer except your favorite. Oh, by the way Panisonic also takes top spot in camera reliability in a couple polls . Your Fuji's will take center stage some day but that day is not now , and as far as Superzooms go Pani has ruled the last couple of years and deservedly so.

The last Fuji superzoom that was a great camera was the HS10, the others have been a major disappointment and you know it. None of them have taken top spot in the last couple years for a reason.

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