Aurora Borealis pictures with Olympus OM-D, 12mm F2, Samyang 7.5mm

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Re: Aurora Borealis pictures with Olympus OM-D, 12mm F2, Samyang 7.5mm

What a fantastic opportunity, and a lovely set of captures. I keep hearing that we might have a chance to see this wondrous phenomenon here in the Boston area, but, of course, the lights of this urban corridor make those predictions simply foolish.

Meanwhile, if I might be so bold (and I tend to be ), allow me to suggest some judicious cropping. Holding yourself to the standard aspects often creates images with useless regions, like the expanse of barely exposed rocks on the shore. They add nothing to the image and draw attention away from the proper cynosure. When done properly, such cropping strengthens the important elements while sacrificing none of the context.

And, once being so bold as to make the suggestion, let me be bolder and show you what I mean with a redo of your 3rd and 5th images. Here I have brought up the shadows just enough to make them better defined and cropped away the redundant foreground elements.

In addition to making the aurora more the center of the image, notice how it also brings to prominence the unusual stacked boulder formation just to the right of center.

Likewise here, the trees now become a more balanced co-star with the aurora in the background.

Well, at least that's my two-bits.

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