Which would improve image quality more, lens or camera body?

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Re: Which would improve image quality more, lens or camera body?

Your problem can be caused by several sources, it could be the body, the lens or both. so let's talk about these points

The body has a decent size sensor, so unless there is a lot of dust inside or the sensor is faulty it shouldn't be the source of the problem, getting a better body will mainly mean improved dynamic range rather that pixel quality.

The lens, the 18-55 is a decent lens, it is not the best but its results are more than acceptable, again unless you have one that somehow had a manufacturer fault this shouldn't be a problem. but bear in mind that as a zoom it will never be as good as a prime. Buying a prime will improve the sharpness of your photographs.

The cause of your problem if it is pronounced is most probably an auto-focus misalignment. meaning that when you focus on something the camera will always be somewhat off that target. A lot of camera/lens combinations are off to some extent, so find the lens that perfectly suits your camera to get the most of it. if the problems is very pronounced you can also send the camera and lens to canon for them to calibrate the body.
The solution for this is to focus micro-adjusting in a body that accepts that (i.e. 50D) or to try lots of samples from the same lens until you find one that suits your camera perfectly or finally send the camera back to canon for them to check it.
So here you have it, buy a prime, buy a body with microadjust or try lots of lenses to find the one that suits your camera best

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