D7000 Buy now or is a new model just around the corner?

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Re: D7000 Buy now or is a new model just around the corner?

I was also thinking about that - getting D7000 now or waiting a bit (with the slight difference that this will be my first DSLR). D5200 was announced and when it becomes available, it will probably cost a little more than the D7000, while the IQ difference from the previews I saw is not big. So when D7100 (or whatever it will be called) comes, it will cost even more and D7000's price probably won't move any more. So now I am basically waiting for D7000 to come in stock to buy it, then maybe sell it after an year or two and get either a higher-end crop or a fullframe.

To the OP - I think that if D7100 uses similar sensor to the D5200, it won't cut it IQ-wise and it won't be worth it, especially with a little higher introductory price. Jumping from a D90 to another body, you'll see the biggest difference if you choose FX (D600 maybe), not another crop. Depends on what lenses you have, of course.

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