GH3 and Lumix Link app

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Re: GH3 and Lumix Link app

Marco Cinnirella wrote:

Anyone got this to work properly?

I can view what the camera sees, on my iPad using Lumix Link, but I can't see any controls in the app to take a picture or change camera settings....

It is not working well for me, using Lumix Link on an Android powered Nexus 7 tablet. I can get the GH3 and Nexus to connect, and see the live view through on the tablet screen, but if I try to take a picture the app freezes. Also, the menu button doesn;t work and I have no access to camera controls like shutter speed / aperture etc.  I followed the link from this Panny site that says Version 2.1 is due in December. I hope that solves the problem.

But it is curious why the current version seems to work for some people and not others.

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