Tips and tricks for setting up the OM-D E-M5

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Re: Tips and tricks for setting up the OM-D E-M5

Macx wrote:

Perhaps we can gather some of the non-obvious advice to how to get the most out of the M5's many confusing options. Feel free to add stuff.

What an amazing guide! Ironically none of it made any sense to me until I've lived the E-M5 for a while, now this is gold!

Another functionality the AEL button can have is to be a Spot Meter Button . By setting the AEL Metering to the Spot setting, you can use the AEL button to take a spot metering, even if you're in center-averaged or ESP metering mode.

Could anyone explain to me how to "set AEL to be Spot Meter button"?

In Custom Menu B > Button Function > FN1, I only see AEL/AFL among other options such as Magnify, Digital Tele, Live Guide etc. I don't see how the "spot metering" can be specified. Please advise. Thanks.

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