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Re: Troll?

Lemming51 wrote:

PhotoKhan wrote:

Just read this:

The "Cons" list is in tune with the shortcomings also noted by "":

These would be kind of acceptable:

  • lateral chromatic aberration corrected in a worse way than that of the rivals
  • huge vignetting on full frame,
  • weak performance against bright light

If it it was not for this:

  • exorbitant price.

If the idea is to have under-performance at exorbitant prices, we already have Leica and their "M" cameras, than you very much, Canon.

Don't forget to also thank Nikon, and Zeiss.

Above is a selective quote from LensTip.

I can do that, too:

  • "I am pleased that the new lens is much better than its predecessor in almost all categories."
  • "Its high build quality and good optical properties are exactly those features professional photographers are looking for. "
  • "In regard to that aspect the lens won’t disappoint you for sure."
  • "You must honestly say, though, that when it comes to the resolution the Canon, along with the Nikkor and the Sony/Zeiss, fares the best, leaving all the products of the rival companies far behind."
  • "the fact that new constructions, with cutting edge optics and mechanics solutions, have to be expensive. Their designing and production have involved considerable financial outlays which should be returned."

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Unapologetic Canon Apologist

So, integrally reproducing the "Cons" (...and, by noting it, implying that there must be "Pros"...) and putting them in perspective against the price is "selective quoting"?...Curious concept...


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