How Much Faster is T4i Autofocus in Live View Compared to T3i? Real World Experience Please?

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Quick Mode focus option might help

Gina wrote:

Hi all,

I bought a T3i and it arrived last night. I have found a real problem and need advice from those of you with real world experience with the cameras please. The T3i is sssllloooww to autofocus in live view mode, for me it's way more than 3-4 secs dpr's review states. It takes 7 seconds or so to hunt and focus before it gives me the green light to take a shot. So I've got about 8 seconds before I get a picture on the card. Is it this way for you? How about with your T4i? Do you have both cameras to compare?

I take photos of wild birds. By that 7-8 seconds, the bird has either moved or is gone completely. On top of that I have physical limitations that makes using the viewfinder difficult, I really need to use the lcd to focus most times.

I find conflicting reviews about any time improvements on live view autofocus on the T4i. eople say it's faster, but don't say how much faster. Some say the speed difference is barely noticeable.

Does anyone have any real experience between the two cameras? Is it very noticeably faster? How many seconds does it take without the special lens?

Is there anything negative I should know about if change to T4i vs keeping the T3i?

Thanks a bunch for advice


Try the “Quick Mode” focus option that is available when in “Live View”.

It is on page 136 in the manual. It uses the same fast focus process as if you where using the view finder, but lets you be in “Live View”.

There are a couple restrictions though, also on page 136.

Careful… (-:  bird photography can get addicting… (-:


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