What is the professional future of the Nikon 1 system?

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Re: What is the professional future of the Nikon 1 system?

Thank you for your response Jon.

You have a good point. With more lens options and “professional features” enthusiasts would have more options to entertain.

Jacques interesting perspective.

I agree that the CX format is optimal, for the market that its trying to fill. DSLRs aren't going anywhere for now, and Nikon knows this. Nikon has placed themselves in an interesting position with the CX mirrorless format. People are starting to recognize that the Nikon 1 sensor size is not a compromise from an DSLR size sensor, but rather a finely considered light weight camera system.

Coudet thanks for responding.

You say that DSLRs have AF, handling, battery life, viewfinders, and lenses. I don't think these qualities are exclusive to DSLRS. In fact I would say that in many respects these points you outline are advanced by the resent Nikon V1. The V1 has very fast and accurate auto focus. The V1 surpasses heavy DSLRs in handling, bag space consumption, and incorporates an entirely new grip. The battery life has been upgraded to 350 photos on a single battery, and has a state of the art EVF. The only thing you mentioned that really needs to be addressed is the lens selection.

If image quality was truly king, we wouldn't be on Dpreview, we would all be out there with you with our medium/large format cameras!I look at the mirrorless camera that Canon is set to release with concern. Just as we have seen with the Sony Nex the physics behind the typical APS-C DSLR sensor results in similar size cumbersome, and heavy lenses. The Nikon 1 sensor size encourages small/light weight design in both body and lenses, but the sensor is still large enough to churn out competitive image quality. Point being sensor technology can only get better, but even a APS-C DSLR is to some extent going to be porker.

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